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Kaipua the Turtle

Meet Kaipua!!!!

She’s a six year old Red Ear Slider I adopted off of craigslist from someone who rescued her from a 20 gallon tank. At approximately eight inches, she should really be in an 80 gallon tank. Fully grown, she’s likely to get up to 12 inches, and will need an even larger tank. But we are making do with a 40 gallon breeder for now.

She likes having her belly and shell scratched. Kaipua is not a fan of being held, but will sit still on you if you keep her warm…especially during movie marathons. She enjoys watching mom and me dance hula, and listens to me play ukulele almost every night before bed. What a life!

Turtles eat less protein as they get older, so I need to wean her off her reptomin diet and increase her intake of carrots and lettuce…with the occasional gold fish sacrifice for special occasions.