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There Goes the Neighborhood: Safeway and Walmart Edition

As most DC residents know, every Safeway in the district has a nickname. But judging from the looks of things the “Stinky” Safeway on Georgia Avenue in Petworth is going to need a new nickname by this fall.

A 4 minute animated rendering of the new building is posted on vimeo, complete with views driving from every direction. Fancy stuff.

Although it has me a tad worried that Petworth is turning into Clarendon, that Safeway is in dire need of renovation. Too bad, as I’ll miss the awesome 1950s architecture.

I wonder what this will mean to “the son of the baconator” Wendy’s right next door? The front lines of gentrification always makes for an interesting study of American culture.

Speaking of American culture – right up the street in Georgia Avenue, in the Brightwood neighborhood of Northwest DC, the first of 6 Walmarts are scheduled to open in 2013. These renderings aren’t animated, but you get the picture. With a second Walmart going in at Riggs and South Dakota, I’ll have a Walmart within 1.9 miles to my northwest…and 1 mile northeast of my home.

They say this is one of Walmart’s first ventures into building in cities, versus on the outskirts of town…which is what is causing the delay. Not community outrage and protest. No, not in DC.

I currently go to the Petworth Market and Yes! Organic Market, and worry about the health of all small business vendors in the area once these giants move in.


Man Cave

The basement is the coolest room in the house, both literally and figuratively.  It’s where I put the TV.  Set up up the Wii.  The bar.  The turntable. The 1920s sofa. And four groovy 60s  bar stools.  Even on the most disgusting summer days of July and August, the basement is comfortable with just a fan.  I’ve basically made it my refuge from the heat, and the rest of the outside world.

I ripped out the carpet, painted the floors black, threw down a carpet that was an amazing yard sale find and VOILA! Shabby chic indeed.

I’ve referred to it, ironically, as my “man cave.”  A place where me and my friends can relax, shut out the world, drink and be as lazy as we want.  No judgements.  Since this picture was taken, I’ve also added hooks on the wall for the “regulars” to use the same mug every time they come over for a beer.  It will be interesting to see how it evolves once it gets cooler, but as it also currently doubles as the “guest room,” people have consistently said it’s one of their favorite places in the house.