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Harvest Time!

After basically a month on the road, I returned to a very neglected backyard.  Well, after two hours on a glorious Sunday morning, things are back in good shape!

Cleared out the basil – I had green, Thai and purple basil this year.  And I planted carrots for Kaipua.  Kale was the gift that kept on giving this season, but I think this should be the last yield for the year.

I’m especially proud of my carrots, given its just my first year.  I only pulled one up, there’s a bunch more in the ground that I’m letting sit for now, and will just glean when I need/want them.

Tending the garden is always a rewarding experience.  Just wish I had more time to do so.  A few tomatoes still on the vine, a second crop of grapes as well – and two bell peppers await!  A perfect Sunday morning.  It’s good to be home.