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Natalie Visits Ricardo The Avocado Tree


She grew Ricky from pit and now he towers over 10 feet tall!  Who knows if and when Lucy and him will cross pollinate and bear fruit, but they are well and healthy.


Earth Day Willow

Found myself at Takoma Park Earth Day this morning – and I was given a willow tree!

So I put it in the ground.


It had a great root system…hope it makes it!  Also picked up an Elder bush.  Not sure where I’ll be planting that…but I look forward to making some elderberry syrup in…5 years or so.


So I’m actually home for more than a 72 hour stretch in April – so what do I do?  Aggressively take on the backyard.


This is a before shot.  Stay tuned for the after!  Sneak peek of what’s to come: Heirloom Watermelon, Sugar Snap Peas, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Zucchini, Cucumbers and Squash. 

Grapevines are pruned and ready to go – mom beat me to the chainlinked fence, or I would have snuck some corn in there.


Even moved Ricky and Lucy, our from seed avocado trees, back outside!



About to embark on another round of house projects, including parking pad, maybe bathroom upgrades, patio resurfacing.  It never ends!