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Mischief Managed

We’ve taken on some wonderful movie marathons over the years here at Casa Mison Fulay.  Some obvious ones – Twilight.  Die Hard.  Lord of the Rings.  The Hunger Games.  Indiana Jones.  The Cutting Edge.  (Yes, there were four of them.)

But given the Harry Potter saga was a monumental eight movies long, we had broke it up.  With a viewing of one every few months, interspersed with other marathons and activities, it took us about 3 years.  Well as of last night, the quest is now complete!

Many thanks to my partners in crime, Alisha and Jeff.  Looking forward to making our way through the remainder or our movie marathon ideas!


Twelfth Night 2016

Mussels. Fries. Lumpia. Pancit. Boozy punch.  Glow in the dark animals. Mission accomplished.