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Mancave Chic Lamps!


In the eternal battle between recessed/overhead lighting and floor/table lamps in a basement, I clearly fall into the lamps camp.

That said, since everyone seems to feel very strongly that overhead lighting is essential, we are going with some box lights for the center, but I’m putting these beauties in the corners. One on the bar and the other on the 70s turntable.

They’re quite small, but I love their atomic feel and mid-century gold star pattern. The bottom orbs toggle on and off too, adding to mood lighting options, should the need arise.

Craigslist – you come through for me once again!


Mabel the Crape Myrtle


Thanks to the folks at Pepco, I was given a Crape Myrtle to place in my backyard!

It’ll take years, but someday Mabel will be providing a lovely shade and canopy that will, theoretically at least, offer a cooling effect to the sunroom.

Live long and prosper, Mabel.