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I Woke Up Like This





We have a lot of stuff hanging on our walls – but nothing really three dimensional art wise.  Well, we have plants, but I digress.  I just wanted these pieces.


As soon as I saw them, I recognized that they were the three kings…missing Balthazar.  So if this work looks familiar – please let me know, I’d like to commission a third statue!


Working with different locations for them now, but they’ll eventually make it upstairs into my office.  Right now I enjoy just surprising (read: annoying) mom by moving them around to different spots.

In other news – I’ve finally framed my Bodhisatva from Myanmar!  It’s taken its place on my bedroom wall.  

Staycations really are the best.  I get to finally take care of all the things I mean to get around to doing.  Like framing and catching up with friends!  

Plants are in for the winter!  Now to tackle the sleeping porch…..