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Brasil or Bust!

Out of the country for World Cup. Will be back with updates in July.



House (Ar)rest

So, I’m a bit concussed.  I was a little too ambitious on Sunday while surfing in San Diego’s Tourmaline Beach.

ANYHOO – I was told to go home today and rest after calling my boss by three different (wrong) names, stuttering through a training session and by entering expense report numbers backwards, leaving quite a mess for the finance team.  But do I EVER listen?  No.

I did go home though, eventually.  The doctor said to turn off my mind.  Specifically, to sit in a dark room and try not to think.  HA.  Other than sleep, what else does one do in a dark room?!  His response?  “If you had a sprained ankle, you wouldn’t jog.  So don’t exercise your brain.”  Which of course meant, go run all the house errands you’ve been putting off doing.  Starting with the backyard…..

Today I learned that the backyard is actually covered in a grass called St. Augustine Grass.



How my mother knows these things is beyond me.  But there you have it, I have tropical grass in my backyard that is a medium to high maintenance grass.  I don’t do anything to it but mow it from time to time…so that’s low enough maintenance for me!

Also, grapes are growing!  There are a few more clusters than there were last year, which is another marker for success for me.  They’re not table ready, nor will they be wine ready, but one day!  These are my Edelweiss variety:



And, as I was pruning the vines, I harvested some leaves for dolma.  Since I’ll be leaving for World Cup next week, I’ve pushed up my summer get together to this weekend.  If all goes according to plan, I should be able to have about two dozen stuffed grape leaves for consumption of a lucky (read: brave) few.


And that about sums up my afternoon/evening.  Since I was on “house arrest,” I got to catch up on correspondence, chat with some friends around the country and world.  Change my sheets.  Play with the turtle.  Skipped out on DC Shorts judging and meeting up with a friend in town from Chicago (shout out TJo!), but I guess sometimes you just gotta harvest your grape leaves, sit in a dark room and play with your turtle.