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Happy Thomas Crapper Day!

Today, January 17th is the anniversary of the flush toilet.  Don’t believe me?  Well, I heard it on the radio this morning and it made me smile.  For two reasons:

1) The name of the gentleman attributed with the mass production and popularity of flush toilets is named “Thomas Crapper.” Which, as far as I am concerned, is the reason we have developed the phrase, “taking a crap.”  How amazing is that?

2) It falls perfectly in line with my latest adventure involving home ownership.

Without going into too much gory detail, I needed a new toilet.  So upon the recommendation of a friend who lives on the hill, I contacted Grayton Plumbing.  Now, this probably goes without saying, but friends, be sure to take referral considerations from people within your own tax bracket!  Grayton was perfectly convenient, nice and for the most part, on time.  Thomas the Plumber, when he arrived 10 mins after their 2 hour window arrival time expired, was very accommodating and helpful.  After half an hour of being unable to unclog the toilet, it was clear that the only alternative I had left was to replace the whole toilet.  Which, he was conveniently able to do!  Their truck was fully stocked, but for one minor detail.  A toilet seat cover.  So that said, they’ll have to return to fit my new toilet seat cover on the thrown of my new house.  But all in all, a fairly painless experience, with the minor exception of the price tag.

Several people told me a toilet should only cost $100, plus service for another $100.  I was expecting to just buy a used one from community forklift for $15 and have a friend show me how to install it.  But getting this toilet sorted all of a sudden became very important to me at 4pm.  I was hell bent on accomplishing SOMETHING yesterday.  So, $560 later – a new toilet was installed.  And I must say, I’m glad I did it in time to celebrate Thomas Crapper Day.