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Plant Migration 2016

Brought the plants in for winter. Inventory/Role Call:

Ricardo the Avocado
Lucy the Avocado

Little Ricky the Avocado

Moana the Ti Leaf

Drake the Dracena

Susie and Mike’s Gardenia

Athena’s Spirit Plant Red Ti Leaf

Multiple Baby Ti Leaf Plants for Gifting

Two Fig Seedlings

Kumu’s Cast Off Cactus


Also moved some upstairs:  

Another Ti Leaf from Kamaka, which keeps sprouting burls, effectively producing all my Christmas presents this year.  And the old standbys – my ZZ and my poor Paddle Plant.

Hope they make it thru the winter!


Custom Made Radiator Covers!

Sure it’ll cost more to heat the place, but at least now mom will stop bugging me about it.

This in the sunroom. Hopefully it can withstand the weight of the various plants we have in there.


And this one in the dining room. There have been threats of putting her Lladros on display.


Plants in for the Season!


It seems odd posting this on a day when we are supposed to get over 80F temperatures, but I thought a post on my indoor/outdoor plants would be fitting for this time of year.

Dozens plants have cycled through my care over my 10 years of living in DC.  I was the plant lady at work, I’d water and care and even bring back to life some that look far beyond the help of mere mortals.  After we moved offices and weren’t allowed to bring personal plants, my home collection grew tremendously.

I’ve managed to either re-gift or return many of those plants from over a year ago, but the current selection now includes (not all are shown in picture):

  • two avocado plants (both grown from seed!)
  • a corn stalk dracena
  • a fiddle leaf fig tree
  • ti plant (for hula leis!
  • a gardenia plant that I share with a friend in the Foreign Service.  As she comes and goes, I get the plant when she’s serving overseas.
  • a rubber plant
  • a orchid plant
  • various succulents and christmas cacti

I’ve since determined that for this region, it’s best to bring plants in from the outside from October 15 through March 15.

And last, but not least – last month then I was in New Mexico, a friend gave me ristra from chili capital of the world – Hatch, NM.  And the solarium has finally become what I envisioned it to be all those months ago.