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If a tree falls in NW, DC – does it make a sound?

Crazy winds this weekend cancelled our Batala performance at the Cherry Blossom Festival.  It also brought down some branches from the tree outside out front door!  

It was blocking the side walk and laying on top some of my bushes so I collected and moved them all to my walk way.


So while I was scheming on ways to chop and burn it, a friend (holla Steve!) reminded me at DC services were just a tweet away!  Sent them something this morning, they replied asking if it was still there.  Will see how long it takes them to collect the damage.  In the meantime, I’ll keep looking for an ax and backyard fire pit options. ūüėą



Porching: Summer Edition


But uh oh – those summer nights.

Aloe-ysius the Tree Box Aloe

Picture perfect Saturday in Petworth! ¬†Walked to the farmers market, browsed at Bentley’s antiques…swung by Upsher Street Books and gardened!

Like most streets in Ward 4, our tree boxes have repurposed tire planters. ¬†We’ve tried to grow mint…but one especially memorable visit and Kentucky derby depleted its stock. ¬†Succulents have done well in the box, so we bought an aloe plant at the market and have named it after a Jesuit.

Salmon and bok choi for lunch today, in a garlic coconut milk sauce. ¬†Off to the Takoma Park Porch Music Festival to play ukulele later. ¬†Then afterwards, maybe I’ll even get to clean my fountain pens! ¬†Somebody pinch me.

Sunday Morning: Candy Crushing on the Front Porch

House guests are still sleeping, so Mom and I are getting acquainted with new neighbors walking their dogs and some veteran Petworthians complaining about the rise in property taxes over the last 27 years.


There Goes the Neighborhood: Safeway and Walmart Edition

As most DC residents know, every Safeway in the district has a nickname. But judging from the looks of things the “Stinky” Safeway on Georgia Avenue in Petworth is going to need a new nickname by this fall.

A 4 minute animated rendering of the new building is posted on vimeo, complete with views driving from every direction. Fancy stuff.

Although it has me a tad worried that Petworth is turning into Clarendon, that Safeway is in dire need of renovation. Too bad, as I’ll miss the awesome 1950s architecture.

I wonder what this will mean to “the son of the baconator” Wendy’s right next door? The front lines of gentrification always makes for an interesting study of American culture.

Speaking of American culture – right up the street in Georgia Avenue, in the Brightwood neighborhood of Northwest DC, the first of 6 Walmarts are scheduled to open in 2013. These renderings aren’t animated, but you get the picture. With a second Walmart going in at Riggs and South Dakota, I’ll have a Walmart within 1.9 miles to my northwest…and 1 mile northeast of my home.

They say this is one of Walmart’s first ventures into building in cities, versus on the outskirts of town…which is what is causing the delay. Not community outrage and protest. No, not in DC.

I currently go to the Petworth Market and Yes! Organic Market, and worry about the health of all small business vendors in the area once these giants move in.

Happy Birthday, America!

Approximately 1.1 miles from my house is one of my favorite historical sites, President Lincoln’s Cottage.¬† I love a presidential house tour, and this one does a really good job of telling the story of Abraham Lincoln the person, rather than the mythical larger-than-life enthroned savior of our nation that is on display at the Lincoln Memorial.¬† The cottage doesn’t have any original furniture in it, instead, the tour guides use slides and audio to tell stories of events surrounding Lincoln’s time at the cottage.¬† He lived there during the civil war to “get away” from the heat and humidity of downtown Washington, DC.¬† (Ha!)¬† I was pleasantly surprised to also learn that we practically had the same commute to work in the morning!

Moved by the holiday and the fact that this place is my neighborhood historical site, I proceeded to get a membership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  I love these guys and encourage everyone to support them whenever they can!

At 6’4, Abraham Lincoln is the tallest American President on record.¬† This statue is life sized – and with the iconic top hat, he measured 7 feet even.

Given the record breaking heatwave we are experiencing in Washington, DC, I thought it wise we return home before partaking the 4th of July madness that consumes the DC area this time every year.¬† By 5pm, it was clear we weren’t venturing out of the house the for rest of the day.¬† So by 9pm, antsy to see what views my rooftop afforded me, I climbed up through the roof access in my sleeping porch and was treated to a spectacular view of my neighborhood firework show!

Right in front of me, a few blocks down, it was like a dance off, but with fireworks.  Two parties, which I assumed were on Kansas Avenue, were taking turns going back and forth with a pretty amazing pyrotechnic show.

To my left, my neighbor 5 row houses down was lighting the most amazingly HUGE fireworks I’ve ever seen used by private citizens.

With fireworks going off RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD and roman candles being shot every which direction, I was only afraid for my life twice for the whole hour I was sitting up on the roof.¬† I couldn’t see the Capitol Fourth fireworks going on about 5 miles away, but could definitely hear them.¬† But who needed them?!¬† By 10pm, the Takoma Park fireworks show started, I was beginning to worry that these weren’t going to stop anytime soon.¬† And they didn’t!¬† I heard fireworks going well past 1am.¬† But hey, it was the 4th of July…and I’m fortunate enough to live in Washington, DC.

Petworth? Brightwood Park? It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me.

On paper, the house is officially in Petworth.  Named, I assume, for Petworth, England, which gets its name from Petworth House.  The epitome of manor house living, Petworth House even has its own reality TV show about its maintenance and upkeep.

Yet google maps puts me squarely in Brightwood Park.  And for some reason, cuts Petworth off at Delafield Place.

Long story long – the warring wikipedia wizards and google gurus need to duke it out among themselves at some point, because this girl is just confused.

What I’m not confused about, however, are some exciting local businesses. ¬†For charcuterie, I have to look no farther than Hamilton and Georgia Ave for¬†Three Little Pigs! ¬†They just opened this week and I’ve already enjoyed their full menu. ¬†And I’ll keep coming back for more. ¬†What I’m most excited about is that they’ve promised to hold classes in salting and curing meats. ¬†I.Cannot.Wait.

And I would be remiss in not mentioning my favorite hardware store in the world,¬†Annie’s Ace Hardware. ¬†From the moment I first walked in there, and heard Shakira playing over the sound system, I knew I was in a happy place. ¬†They have since completely cured me of my fear and apprehension of hardware stores, and while I may still occasionally go to Hells Depot because they’re open later, I will always consider Annie’s as my go to place for home improvement products and advice! ¬†And the fact that The Bike House now also resides at Annie’s, I’m appreciating more and more of my neighborhood’s awesomeness as time passes.

Another place I’ve seen in passing and have been very curious about is Washington Deli and Pizza. ¬†With a banner that reads, “Now Baking Bagels,” they’ve definitely caught my attention. ¬†Combine that with some good local press, I may just have to explore it for myself this Saturday.