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I Have A Dream…

…so I think it’s rather appropriate that I start this whole adventure over MLK weekend.

Hi.  I just bought a house.  I don’t really have a “dream” – but I do have some goals.  To eventually move in, live and be happy in this house.  Quite a tall order, but it’s the start of a new year, and I’m feeling optimistic.

On Moving In

On Monday, MLK day 2012, a National Day of Service, no less – the renovations begin.  Master Electrician Tony D. is coming to overhaul the electrical system.  Carmen the cleaning lady is going to give the place a quick 4 hour scrub through.  My friend Will will help me rekey and or relock all the external doors.  And I’m still looking for a plumber who is willing to service my pipes. Ha! Yes, my cast iron pipes need servicing.  Anyone…?

Carpets need to be pulled up and thrown out…and then the floors.  The glorious 1925 Brazilian Cherry Hardwood floors need to be cleaned, sanded and finished.  THEN – only then will I be moving in.

As for the other ambitious goals to live and be happy…well, you’ll just have to get to know me better before I go into those plans.