Leaky Radiator!

This past December, we took mom to Barcelona, Zaragoza, Dublin and Edinburgh for her 75th Birthday.  I turned the heat down to 65F, to just, well – not heat an empty house.

When we got back, we cranked it up again, and mom’s radiator just wasn’t heating up all the way up.  So I wiggled the little valve hoping to increase water flow.  Well, I did just that.


Such that it leaked…and overnight, the water damage was apparent on the ceiling downstairs.  And it took almost a full week to get someone to come into fix it!

This picture wasn’t the worst of it, but it the only picture that I managed to take. I couldn’t schedule a plumber!!!  I contacted FIVE companies about this, a realtor and a contractor. Some didn’t have open appointments, others just didn’t want to touch pipes from 1925. Two didn’t even bother to respond.

But James J. Madden replied!  And I am now a loyal customer.  And infuriatingly enough, the guy came, and turned the lower valve about a quarter turn and VOILA.  All that water damage for such a small adjustment.  Lesson LEARNED.

Thankfully, the plumber went around the whole house double checking the radiators. Probably to feel better about charging us for such a minor act…but hey, education is expensive.  And peace of mind and a dry house aren’t things so readily bought anyways.

Sergio and Tony came by and did the cosmetic repairs, and now you can barely tell anything happened.  All back up and running –  and since we strategically placed plants under the leaking ceiling, some plants even got some extra iron.  🙂

I’m afraid I haven’t been keeping up with this blog – but one day soon, I promise to post about going solar!  That was the largest project to date…and I should be getting my first SREC check soon, so stay tuned!

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