Crabfest 2016

The weather gods were kind – this year’s crabfest fell on easily the most beautiful day of the year.  Sunny, but a light breeze.  The theme this year, as increasingly with every year, it seems, was kids.  We have Helena visiting from Houston.  She was very helpful with set up and overall child control:

Prior experience indicated that most would gather inside and in the front porch, then slowly move their way to the back.  Of course the exact opposite happened this year, but it didn’t seem to matter to anyone either way…just to me who had to set up the delicious Whiskey Mango Foxtrot cocktail in the usual bay window spot.

Of course I never got around to taking pictures, but here is a cute one of Patrick Pennington, taking a break out front.

Margaret and the twins came late, so while I ran out of crab, I did manage to take a picture of the “leftovers.”

Winners of the day: mom’s spam musubi.  They never made it to the table, people kept taking them as they were being made. 😝

The fresh caught mahi-mahi, care of Will and Jessica was out of this world.

Margo’s chocolate rum cake was excellent as ever.

Homemade cassava from Ate Vi also made a strong showing, with half of one going to Taeko for her own consumption at a later date.

Kaipua stayed in her basking dock for most of the day. Seemingly unphased by the over 50 people invading her usually quiet world.  We closed out with kanikapila.  And the headache I had since Tuesday magically went away.  An all around perfect day.


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