Springtime Visitor: Robin Edition

I kickstarted my scooter this morning, and reached over for a towel to wipe off the lovely coat of pollen from my seat, and was greeted by THIS daunting glare:


This is the second spring that a bird has taken residence at Casa Mison Fulay.  The first year was graced by the presence of a nest on our front porch.  Unfortunately I was away for the birth of that batch of chicks, and mom quickly dispensed of the nest after they fled the roost, essentially guaranteeing she not return the following year.

This little lady has taken residence on the top of a rolled carpet we use exclusively for the tapchan.  Quite low, she is literally eye level with me.  I stood two feet from her, and as she didn’t scare or startle away with the roar of my scooter engine, she must be fairly well along in the two week incubation process.  I will gladly give her the space, peace and quiet she seeks and look forward to seeing the brood when they arrive!

In other news – the Wilson-Leath family gardenia is in bloom!  Three of potentially ELEVEN buds were open as of this morning.   I believe that’s a record.

Spring has sprung!   The grapevines are coming back with a vengeance, the sweet peas are prolific, roses have mutant levels of buds appearing, even the elderberry bush is looking strong and healthy.  The willow is another story.  I’m beginning to think that spot is cursed…but I’ll give it a little more time before calling that one.


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