Twelfth Night 2014

Being the first Christmas spent in my house, we came up with a new tradition – a Christmas tree made out of lights.20140108-232654.jpg

It fits perfectly in the space, no trees directly died on my behalf and it added just the right amount of holiday cheer. We also took all the lovely holiday cards that we were sent and strung then up as well.

Pardon the friend, but that was the best shot of the hanging cards I had. But it is fitting she should be represented in this post, as Jenn brought a whopping FOUR dishes to share! Mom elevated her status from guest to co-host for her contributions.

And while we are doing shout outs – a very special shout out to Steve for his Master Fryer skills with the lumpia.


My Twelfth Night Party is probably the largest get together I have for the year. This year, we had 60 RSVP and 40 total show up. Guests ranged in age from 2 months old to 72 years young, and included everything in between. It was really amazing to bring this mix of people together, from all the different areas of my life.

There was so much food, so many people, I barely had time to speak with anyone until the crowds thinned out around 6pm.


For a brief moment, I even thought there’d be hula dancing! But we contained ourselves and saved the madness for karaoke. *Actually there was brief instructional hula, but no choreographed performance.*

The first guests arrived at 1pm and the last guests left at 1am. Twelve hours of partying for Twelfth Night. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

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