Basement Bathroom Bonanza!

Part One of the Great Basement Remodel is underway.  And it included the addition of a 3/4 bath.  So we begin this journey with tearing up the concrete flooring and laying down the drainage for the shower, sink and toilet:


Drama ensued when the contractor I was working let the plumbing work determine where the toilet should go, instead of basic function:


Who wants to walk into a bathroom, right on top of the toilet?  What if you just wanted to wash your hands?  And the real deal breaker: given the fact it’s a pocket door, I wanted to provide a better level of privacy for guests.  SO – another day or so of labor was added and I finally got the layout I wanted, with the toilet up against the wall.  And since the pipes were exposed, we decided to paint them black so they can somewhat “blend” and not stand out so much:


The shower worked out great – we are adding shelves to the foot or so space between the wall and the shower for towels…per mom’s request:


The washer and dryer were moved and hooked up 90 degrees in order to be flush against the new wall as well:


So NOW what?  Well, the fabulous flooring adventure of 2013, of course.  Everything has been cleared out of the basement and we are going to epoxy the floor and paint all the walls.  The place already feels roomier and more spacious.  The Miami Sound Machine inspired colors are going to brighten up the mancave so much, we may just need to come up with a new name for it.


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