My Olive Grove!


A few months ago, my mother and I volunteered at DC Central Kitchen through St. Matthew’s Social Justice Progran called “Single Serving of Service.” Someone had donated three restaurant sized cans of olives that they needed pitted for salads and use. So for a few hours one dreary Saturday, I was able to hone my olive pitting skills.

As we were leaving, Chef was just about to throw the pits away when I asked if I could take a handful. I literally turned my latex glove inside out and put as many pits as I could stuff in there. The stuffed glove sat outside the rest of winter until finally I decided to throw them in the ground.

I didn’t think they’d make it. I didn’t think it’d work. In fact, these olives were in an oily brine to begin with, frozen over night while outside in the elements – what were the chances?!

But here you are friends – a picture of my little olive grove of seedlings, care of the folks at DC Central Kitchen. If they make it, I plan to give some back to the kitchen for their own propagation. Doubtful they’ll bear fruit, but I’ve obviously underestimated them thus far. I hope these little guys keep proving me wrong.


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