I Don’t Care If It Rains or Freezes, Long As I Got My Plastic Jesus

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I closed on the house. For those of you who have been following this blog – you’ve basically seen the progress in all of its glorious stages. The highs were highs, the lows were lows – but for my anniversary post, I’d like to share some pictures of one of the highest highs to date.

I have an annual Twelfth Night get together, usually involving moules and boozy punch. Being the inaugural Twelfth Night Soiree at 5th Street, I felt there was a lot at stake. But I’m pleased to say, it was a rollicking good time.


And as I look back on what I could have done differently, only one thing really comes to mind. LESS BOOZY PUNCH. My Green Hat Gin, Campari, Cava, Cider combo was lethal. But dangerously delicious too. I even managed to pick up some glow in the dark baby Jesus’ in Italy that served as a fun giveaway for guests.


The majority of our egg roll production was outsourced, but mom still stepped in for a hundred veggies bringing the total to 300:


Add a case of Green Hat Gin, Five Growlers of Beer from Three Stars Brewing Company, Five bottles of sparkling wine and an spattering of reds and wines all over the place, I think everyone had plenty to go around. And to no one’s surprise, the night ended (close to 3am) with everyone singing karaoke down in the mancave.

Looking back on how far the place has come and how quickly the house has become a home, it’s hard not to smile. These memories being made surpass what I had imagined would be possible. And for this I am exceedingly grateful.


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