Happy Birthday, America!

Approximately 1.1 miles from my house is one of my favorite historical sites, President Lincoln’s Cottage.  I love a presidential house tour, and this one does a really good job of telling the story of Abraham Lincoln the person, rather than the mythical larger-than-life enthroned savior of our nation that is on display at the Lincoln Memorial.  The cottage doesn’t have any original furniture in it, instead, the tour guides use slides and audio to tell stories of events surrounding Lincoln’s time at the cottage.  He lived there during the civil war to “get away” from the heat and humidity of downtown Washington, DC.  (Ha!)  I was pleasantly surprised to also learn that we practically had the same commute to work in the morning!

Moved by the holiday and the fact that this place is my neighborhood historical site, I proceeded to get a membership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  I love these guys and encourage everyone to support them whenever they can!

At 6’4, Abraham Lincoln is the tallest American President on record.  This statue is life sized – and with the iconic top hat, he measured 7 feet even.

Given the record breaking heatwave we are experiencing in Washington, DC, I thought it wise we return home before partaking the 4th of July madness that consumes the DC area this time every year.  By 5pm, it was clear we weren’t venturing out of the house the for rest of the day.  So by 9pm, antsy to see what views my rooftop afforded me, I climbed up through the roof access in my sleeping porch and was treated to a spectacular view of my neighborhood firework show!

Right in front of me, a few blocks down, it was like a dance off, but with fireworks.  Two parties, which I assumed were on Kansas Avenue, were taking turns going back and forth with a pretty amazing pyrotechnic show.

To my left, my neighbor 5 row houses down was lighting the most amazingly HUGE fireworks I’ve ever seen used by private citizens.

With fireworks going off RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD and roman candles being shot every which direction, I was only afraid for my life twice for the whole hour I was sitting up on the roof.  I couldn’t see the Capitol Fourth fireworks going on about 5 miles away, but could definitely hear them.  But who needed them?!  By 10pm, the Takoma Park fireworks show started, I was beginning to worry that these weren’t going to stop anytime soon.  And they didn’t!  I heard fireworks going well past 1am.  But hey, it was the 4th of July…and I’m fortunate enough to live in Washington, DC.


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