Going From House to Home

After returning from the Peace Corps, I’ve always thought the Central Asian tradition of lounging under mulberry trees while drinking green tea was something I’d like to one day do in my own house, in the USA. Well, thanks to my brother – it’s come true.


My brother built me an Uzbek inspired “tapchan” that was officially broken in this weekend at my housewarming/summer solstice crabfeast.


What amazed me is how perfectly natural it seemed for me to have one – not to mention how quickly my friends came to appreciate my having one as well!

44 adults, 6 children, 2 babies and 1 bunny rabbit later, it sits strong and beckons me daily to live a slower and happier life. It was a wonderful housewarming and I think I can officially say this house is now a home.


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  1. Posted by Tony Kolb on January 5, 2015 at 6:50 pm

    I hope the tapchan is holding up well. I was not a PCV in Uzbekistan but spent three years there working with MSF and sitting on a lot of tapchans with PCVs during 2001-2004. I’m planning to build a tapchan for our new patio next summer and think your brother’s design is very close to what I would like. Any chance you would be willing to post an updated photo or even consider allowing me to take a close look? We’re in Springfield VA. I make a pretty decent plov if you ever need a plov master. Cheers


    • We just missed each other in country – I served from 1999-2001. It’s covered in snow at the moment, but would be happy to post and update photo or have you come by. We restain and reseal it annually so it’s holding up remarkably well considering it’s exposed to the elements all year long. Will keep you posted next time theres a BBQ – choi ichamiz!


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