With Power Tools – I’m Unstoppable!

Ok, maybe not unstoppable.  But definitely inspired!  After my memorial day weekend plans fell through, I attacked my home project lists and accomplished an impressive (for me) amount of work.

Roller Shades!   The sun room is bright and lovely – and definitely among my most favorite places in the house.  But during the day, it can almost get a little to hot to bear.  Greenhouse effect and what not.  And given the lack of air-conditioning, I resorted to the wisdom of our elders and installed roller shades.

Why roller shades, you ask?  Well – they work with the period of the house (1925), they offer shade from the sun, but don’t block out light completely, and last, but not least, it is easy to operate and install!  Added bonus – simple to clean, affordable and the clean lines help maintain the transition from indoor space to the outdoor space.

Drill in hand and a little elbow grease, these window treatments were basically ready to install right out of the package.  I wish I could provide some references on the history or roller blinds/shades, but there doesn’t really seem to be much out there.  But here is an interesting take on the rise  (and fall) of the roller shade.  I’m no historian, but the functionality and design of these just feels right for the 1920s-30s, and therefore with the house.  And while I”m all for flash and color, these blinds seamlessly work with the room, which is always a nice surprise.

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