Chain link fences can only be dressed up so much.  So my approach to improving the industrial chic that lines my backyard was to cover it in grapevines!  I’m having an official house warming/crab feast/solstice celebration on 6/23, and figured at the very least, I’ll have a few grape leaves that I can stuff for homemade dolmades.  I planted two varietals in early April and lo’ and behold – one has bore fruit!!!

I honestly couldn’t believe it.  That was fast.  And promising.  And while the other hasn’t bore fruit, I’m definitely on target for making a handful of tasty dolmades in a month’s time.

The house is slowly coming together, projects flow one right into the other.  I’ve fallen into a groove of just expecting my weekends (and evenings) to be spent working on various DIY projects.  With summer upon us, I can’t help but focus on the outdoor spaces.  One of my favorite acquisitions is a rocking chair for the front porch.  Nothing says summer south of the Mason-Dixon like some lemonade, out on a porch in a rocker.  More pics soon – and thanks for reading!


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