1920s Furniture and Floor Lamps

While a lot of my furniture until now has had more of a mid-century modern feel, the house itself was actually built in 1925…which means little to no closet space!

Fortunately for me, since many houses of that time required dressers and wardrobes, there seems to be a lot out there to choose from.  The craigslist g-ds must have been smiling down on me because I found a period dresser and vanity from the 1920s that I am completely loco about:


It’s two toned, has great handles, an amazing round mirror and hand carved details.  What’s not to love?  And did I mention it came with a vanity?!  I can’t help but wonder if there was ever a wardrobe that came with the set.  Or maybe a bed?  Either way, I am very excited to own these fine pieces of furniture and am looking for any information about them.

Another acquisition for this weekend was a groovy globe floor lamp for the sunroom off my bedroom.  Lighting Unlimited in Rockville, MD is going out of business and is liquidating everything at ridiculous prices.  Family owned for over 20 years, I went on a bit of a spree and bought a few designer things that I would never have been able to afford otherwise.  They’re closing their doors on 4/30 – so if you are in the DC area and need lighting stuffs, be sure to check them out!  I may go back for a Tiffany’s lamp for the guest room….

And the following lamp was “just” a craigslist acquisition, but as I’ve never seen anything like it, and wanted to include it as well.  With the rise of Apple products, there’s been a lot of talk about American Industrial Design.  I’ve always been a fan, and am excited about this new phase of modern design.


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  1. What a beautiful find!


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