Petworth? Brightwood Park? It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me.

On paper, the house is officially in Petworth.  Named, I assume, for Petworth, England, which gets its name from Petworth House.  The epitome of manor house living, Petworth House even has its own reality TV show about its maintenance and upkeep.

Yet google maps puts me squarely in Brightwood Park.  And for some reason, cuts Petworth off at Delafield Place.

Long story long – the warring wikipedia wizards and google gurus need to duke it out among themselves at some point, because this girl is just confused.

What I’m not confused about, however, are some exciting local businesses.  For charcuterie, I have to look no farther than Hamilton and Georgia Ave for Three Little Pigs!  They just opened this week and I’ve already enjoyed their full menu.  And I’ll keep coming back for more.  What I’m most excited about is that they’ve promised to hold classes in salting and curing meats.  I.Cannot.Wait.

And I would be remiss in not mentioning my favorite hardware store in the world, Annie’s Ace Hardware.  From the moment I first walked in there, and heard Shakira playing over the sound system, I knew I was in a happy place.  They have since completely cured me of my fear and apprehension of hardware stores, and while I may still occasionally go to Hells Depot because they’re open later, I will always consider Annie’s as my go to place for home improvement products and advice!  And the fact that The Bike House now also resides at Annie’s, I’m appreciating more and more of my neighborhood’s awesomeness as time passes.

Another place I’ve seen in passing and have been very curious about is Washington Deli and Pizza.  With a banner that reads, “Now Baking Bagels,” they’ve definitely caught my attention.  Combine that with some good local press, I may just have to explore it for myself this Saturday.

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