Hardwood Floors

Ask and ye shall receive – pictures!  I started the process of ripping out the nasty, nasty, NASTY carpets in the house.  I was so angry that the cleaning lady cancelled on me for the third time, so stared destiny in the face, bought a pair of leather work gloves and decided to tear up the dining room:

Now, I knew there were hardwood floors underneath.  What I didn’t realize was how nice they were:

My rage had dissipated..and curiosity took over.  So even though I was ill, I figured I could at least start on the foyer:

And I was glad I did.  That stain on the carpet was really worrying me – but as you can see, the carpet seems to have protected the flooring after all:

And by the end of a mere 3 hours of very minimal labor, I was rewarded with this sight:

I can’t wait to rip out the rest of the carpet!  Such a simple task, but such a dramatic effect.  And satisfying.  It was like I was finally getting to know my house.  And it me, if that makes any sense.

Proper cleaning, sanding, refinishing will happen once all the other work is done (kitchen/plumbing/electrical upgrade), but this is the first thing that I, ME, MYSELF have done to the house.  And I’m very pleased.  That’ll do pig.  That’ll do.


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